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VisualCamp Successfully Attracts Investment of 1.85 Billion Won
Mobile Eye-tracking Technology Catches Investors' Attention
VisualCamp Successfully Attracts Investment of 1.85 Billion Won
  • By Michael Herh
  • August 1, 2018, 12:51
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Officials of VisualCamp pose for a photo.

VisualCamp, a company that provides eye-tracking technology for virtual and augmented reality systems and mobile devices and a gaze data analysis service, successfully attracted a round of Series A investment.

On Aug 1, the K-ICT Born2Global Centre announced that VisualCamp, one of its member companies, recently attracted an investment of 1.85 billion won from four investors: Shinhan Investment Corp.-Cognitive Investment, Capstone Partners, Korea Asset Investment Securities (KAI-KVIC Virtual and Augmented Reality Investment Association), and Shinhan DS (Shinhan Future’s Lab). With this recent Series A round, VisualCamp has attracted a cumulative total of 2.7 billion won in investment.

VisualCamp has developed virtual and augmented reality and mobile eye-tracking technologies and provides related software. Eye tracking is an important next-generation technology in which major global companies, including Google, Facebook, and Apple, are actively investing.

Since developing its unparalleled eye-tracking technology and gaze data analysis service, VisualCamp has been applying its technologies and services to a wide range of areas. In particular, the company’s mobile eye-tracking technology is being used to enhance user interfaces and user experiences and generate more business for companies providing advertisements, games, and educational content for smartphones.

At MWC Shanghai 2018, which was held in June, VisualCamp became the first company in the world to unveil mobile eye-tracking technology, attracting a great deal of attention from mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunication companies in Korea and around the world.

“We believe that investors have recognized the value of VisualCamp’s technology,” remarked VisualCamp CEO Suk Yunchan. “And we plan to further enhance our mobile and virtual and augmented reality eye-tracking technologies and apply them to marketing content in Korea and worldwide.”

He went on to add, “We hope to expand the virtual and augmented reality market while increasing the market share of our eye-tracking software development kit in the future.”

Chief Executive Director Kim Jongkap of the Born2Global Centre said, “We expect that VisualCamp will expand its business and attract additional investment through global reference. I believe that mobile eye-tracking technologies will play a key role in the emergence of new platform businesses that make use of gaze analysis and data.”

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