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VisualCamp concludes MOU with Grassroots Angel Investment from China
To Develop Digital Devices for People with Disabilities
VisualCamp concludes MOU with Grassroots Angel Investment from China
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 27, 2018, 14:29
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VisualCamp has concluded an MOU with Grassroots Angel Investment of China to develop digital devices for people with disabilities.

VisualCamp, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, concluded an MOU with Grassroots Angel Investment from Shenzhen, China, for the development of eye-tracking technology applicable to mobile devices, VR, and signs.

VisualCamp, a Korean startup specializing in VR/AR eye-tracking technology, said that its work with Grassroots Angel Investment is particularly meaningful in that the resulting devices, equipped with VisualCamp's eye-tracking technology, will enable Chinese people with disabilities who cannot use digital devices by hand to use various digital services in real life.

According to the China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF), there are 85 million people with a registered disability nationwide (as of 2010). The recently completed MOU, which aims to enhance the lives of people with disabilities living in China, marks VisualCamp's first cooperative project. The project, supported by the Chinese government, will soon conclude with the dissemination of digital devices (equipped with VisualCamp's technology) to people with disabilities. Devices will first be disseminated in the Shenzhen region, followed by other prefectures.

In addition to the digital device dissemination project for people with disabilities, VisualCamp is planning to sell products equipped with its eye-tracking technology to the general market as well. VisualCamp aims to establish new advertisement platform business models by applying its eye-tracking technology to apartments, apartment elevators, taxis, and different types of signage. The development and commercialization of the technology for general use will begin in January.

The CEO of Grassroots Angel Investment, Chen Weiwei, commented on the project saying, "I have high expectations as we continue to cooperate with VisualCamp using its unmatched, eye-tracking technology." He added, "I am confident that eye-tracking will become a new UI/UX and will be used as a core technology for digital devices, including mobile phones."

VisualCamp has already developed and commercialized the embedded and external modules that apply eye-tracking technology to VR and mobile devices. For its VR eye-tracking, VisualCamp is currently working with the Chinese VR HMD manufacturer, Pimax, to develop a module. The module is scheduled for release at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to be held this coming January, together with VisualCamp's smartphone-embedded/external eye-tracking technology.