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SOMESING, ChaintoB Sign Strategic Partnership
To Advance into Chinese, Indonesian Markets
SOMESING, ChaintoB Sign Strategic Partnership
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • March 14, 2019, 10:43
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Kim Heui-bae (left), CEO of SOMESING, Ai Shuguang (center), ChaintoB China Biz CEO, and Jang Min, CEO of ChaintoB, pose for a photo after signing a partnership agreement.

SOMESING, a Korean startup that operates the blockchain-based Karaoke App, announced on March 14 that it has signed a strategic partnership with ChaintoB to expand its presence in the Chinese and Indonesian markets.

“We have been watching the Chinese and Indonesian markets, where music culture has become popular, and we would like to expand our business through a strategic partnership with ChaintoB," said Yoon Hyun-keun, COO of SOMESING. “China has recently been interested in Korean music content, and Indonesia is also very interested in all the cultures related to the Korean Wave." Yoon added. According to him, China and Indonesia have a positive image of Korean cultural content. Furthermore, the size of their markets is so huge that SOMESING and ChaintoB expect that SOMESING’s Karaoke App can attract many users.

Yoon also said, "The reasons why the industry and the world market are paying attention to SOMESING is that we have combined the blockchain ecosystem with real world services. We can change the paradigm of the existing karaoke culture, and we have also combined our service with the content consumption behavior of the digital-native era. The growth and scalability potential of SOMESING’s business is enormour due to these factors."

In regard to this strategic partnership with ChaintoB, Kim Heui-bae Kim, CEO of Emel Ventures Co. Ltd., expressed strong confidence, saying, "Throughout the world, more than 500 million people directly enjoy singing. Although people have been thinking that it is natural to pay for singing, SOMESING is free to sing, and because it's equipped with fast updates of brand new songs, high quality sound, sound effect controls and mixing technology, it will be a great platform providing a huge satisfaction to a lot of sing lovers."

Kim added, "SOMESING not only allows all K-POP lovers all over the world to fully enjoy but will become a popular platform that can be used anytime and anywhere freely through the distribution of music source of each country. Therefore, the strategic partnership with ChaintoB will become an important motive to take a step further into the big market."

Jang Min, CEO of ChaintoB, declared his firm commitment, saying, "It is very meaningful to expand the service to China and Indonesia together with SOMESING, a real world blockchain service, and ChaintoB will commit its best to expand SOMESING’s service, which combined blockchain with the Korean Wave,  worldwide."

ChaintoB is a company that stands out in a variety of business areas, from solution services based on blockchain and AI technology to ICO consulting, building blockchain ecosystems, and accelerating.

In particular, ChaintoB has been recognized for its cutting-edge technology as it was the only Korean team that entered into the final stage at the “Blockchain Stable Economy Model Design Competition (BSEMDC)” hosted by Tsinghua University in China in August 2018.

In September 2018, it also signed up an MOU on Blockchain Cooperation with UDAYANA University located in Bali, Indonesia and became the first Korean company to hold a blockchain hackathon in Bali, Indonesia, showing achievements in Korean blockchain technology and business expansion in China and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, SOMESING announced that the SOMESING beta version released on Feb. 28 has already attracted a great deal of interest in the market such as showing active transactions with more than 10,000 downloads in 10 days and active users within the service are showing an increasing trend.

The beta version of SOMESING can be downloaded at the Google Play Store, and the release of beta version of IOS for iPhone users is scheduled for April.