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LG U+ to Introduce Next Gen. Transmission Equipment from Korean Manufacturers
Adopting Local 5G Equipment
LG U+ to Introduce Next Gen. Transmission Equipment from Korean Manufacturers
  • By Michael Herh
  • July 26, 2018, 12:29
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Dasan Network’s 100G line concentration switch.
Dasan Network’s 100G line concentration switch.

LG U+ announced on July 25 that the mobile carrier would introduce next generation transmission equipment from Dasan Network Solutions and Ubiquoss, both of which are Korean equipment manufacturers, to build the world's first commercial 5G telecommunication network.

The equipment is a high-performing 100G line concentration switch that transmits data between a 5G wireless base station and a wired network. Industry experts call the equipment essential in advancing 5G networks as the equipment processes 46 times as much as data ten times faster compared to current switches used in LTE networks but has a size similar to current switches and consumes the same amount of power as them.

In particular, this equipment is loaded with segment routing, which is the core technology for next-generation networks so is advantageous for traffic control, the simplification of network operation, easy interworking with other manufacturers' products, and coping with next-generation technology such as SDNs.

LG U+ introduced transmission equipment loaded with segment routing technology in a mobile backhaul section for the first time as a Korean mobile carrier and in the world, too.

In addition, this equipment can guarantee high-quality data services, provide differentiated service quality and greatly boost efficiency in processing traffic as it is loaded with technology for virtual private networks and software defined networks to implement network slicing that divides traffic of various characteristics and send it to multiple virtual networks.