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Blockchain Fever Also Grips Medical, Healthcare Industry
Blockchain-based Medical Services
Blockchain Fever Also Grips Medical, Healthcare Industry
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • May 8, 2018, 12:27
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Numerous domestic startups are coming with up various ideas based on the blockchain technology.
Numerous domestic startups are coming with up various ideas based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is also being introduced in the medical industry. Numerous startups are coming with up various ideas based on the blockchain technology in order to provide users with more convenient medical and healthcare services.

According to related industry sources on May 7, South Korean startups are preparing to offer a variety of blockchain-based medical services. XBLOCK SYSTEMS, which specializes in blockchain platforms, is preparing medical proof application service. Previous medical proof application documents were issued only through counters at hospitals or “self-service” Kiosks because they have personal medical information. Medical proof application service to be provided by XBLOCK SYSTEMS can resolve such an inconvenience by utilizing blockchain-based public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

Healthcare startup Humanscape has developed and provided follow-up management solutions for clinics and hospitals in the domestic medical market. The company has noted that the blockchain technology can give a reward to information and experience providers.

Humanscape is seeking to maximize health information gathering both in quality and quantity by building a blockchain community based on reward systems and offering not only an emotional communicative space but also a reward for intellectual products to patients who are the main body of intelligence production in the community.

MediBloc and ZIKTO are also high-profile startups. MediBloc, which is a blockchain medical information platform, is working on development of an open platform for medical information and expects to finish the development by end of this year. Medical records and life logs of patients are saved into blockchain and they can be provided to doctors when patients visit clinics or hospitals. Researchers can collect medical data that were limited to particular medical organizations regardless of a country or a legion through MediBloc.

ZIKTO is a healthcare startup that issues Insureum (ISR), a cryptocurrency in the insurance sector. The company is developing a platform in where three parties, including insurance companies, data developers and insurance consumers, can freely distribute and utilize consumers’ health-related data in blockchain platforms and automatically process rewards and profits accordingly.

An official from the industry said, “The medical and healthcare sectors have had the structure in which the public have no access to information. However, the blockchain technology now allows the public to review information more easily and safely. The new era where individuals can ultimately manage medical information instead of hospitals or medical organizations is expected to begin.”