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Started to Unearth 45 Smart Products out of SMEs
Small & Medium Business Corporation
Started to Unearth 45 Smart Products out of SMEs
  • By matthew
  • March 13, 2013, 14:32
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Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC) announced on March 12 that it has made a decision to enter into full operation of the expanded “2013 Smart Products Excavation & Support Project” from this month. The project is to unearth small and medium enterprises (SME)’s quality products that are no way inferior to large firms’ brand products, and help the SMEs seek channels to sell those products.

Last year, SBC unearthed seven smart products in two categories. But this year, it aims to unearth 45 smart products in ten categories. It will cooperate with two consumer groups this year, one more than last year. Also, it plans to expand the follow-up marketing supports and the consumer-friendly business school programs in alliance with Korea Consumer Agency (KCA).

To those selected under the project, SBC will offer preferential rights to sell at some off-line shops such as “HIT500 Plaza,” and provide active follow-up marketing supports including connection to domestic distribution channels and large-scale global networks. SBC also plans to directly support the special events for those products at the online open markets.

In addition, from the end of March, SBC will operate an online SME luxury shop to share product information and promote the products at all times, and make joint marketing efforts through pilot certification of the “HAPPY Q,” created as a joint brand for quality SME products last year.