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Spreading Entrepreneurship and Contributing to Job Creations
The Korea’s festival for Ventures and Startups is to begin in October
Spreading Entrepreneurship and Contributing to Job Creations
  • By matthew
  • October 31, 2011, 10:32
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The Venture Korea is to be held 2011 under the title ”Korea Venture Start-up Exhibition” at the Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention (SETEC) on October 5 and 6.

Venture Korea, one of the biggest festivals for “venture people,” will host a start-up exhibition at the Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention (SETEC) near Hangnyeoul Station in Seoul.

The exhibition will integrate a range of related events for ventures and start-ups, serving as an opportunity for young people and university students wanting to run a company, owners of new start-ups and CEOs of star ventures to gather together and share information.

The event will provide an opportunity for would-be CEOs of startups to meet star CEOs and thus strengthen their enthusiasm. Furthermore, it will give star CEOs the opportunity to observe new business ideas and remind themselves of the values and excitement of entrepreneurship.

Officials at the Korea Venture Business Association, which will be hosting Venture Korea, said the event will serve as an opportunity for would-be founders and venture people to promote businesses and collaborate by sharing information. The officials went on to add that the event will help the venture ecosystem evolve, giving the industry the momentum it needs to leap forward by creating the perfect environment through the spread of entrepreneurship and job creation.

The event also features awards, divided into two categories, for venture firms and new start-ups. The Venture Company Prize will award businessmen and men of national merit in the venture industry. The Startups Prize will give president and prime minister commendations to startup entrepreneurs, institutions supporting startups and men of merit in startups. People and companies wishing to participate can download an application form at and, and send it completed to the Venture Business Association headquarters. The awards will be presented on October 5, the opening day of the exhibition.