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Univera’s Aloe Chosen as World-class Goods for 12 Consecutive Years
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Univera’s Aloe Chosen as World-class Goods for 12 Consecutive Years
  • By matthew
  • December 17, 2014, 05:08
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A Univera aloe field in Tampico, Mexico.
A Univera aloe field in Tampico, Mexico.


Univera’s aloe was chosen as one of their World-class Goods by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). It has been chosen for 12 years in a row since 2003.

To qualify, World-class Goods should have annual exports over US$5 million, a market rank within 5th, and have over a five percent share in the global market.

Aloe, sometimes called western ginseng, is a medicinal plant loved by all age groups in all cultures.

Aloe is known as being good for skin and digestion, and is becoming more popular, as it has been discovered recently that polysaccharides are important for strengthening immunity. And aloe has a lot of polysaccharides.

Univera has aloe farms in Texas, U.S., Tampico, Mexico, Hainan, China, and Russia. The company provides aloe to 40 countries. Its global aloe raw material market share is over 40 percent.

The company's CEO, Lee Byung-hoon, said, “This is the result of continuous research and investment for 38 years and development of advanced farms overseas,” adding, “Univera will strive for a wellness company responsible for health and beauty.”

This isn't the only award the company has won. Univera's premium anti-aging cosmetic A202 and healthy food Believe were chosen as 2014 Good Design (GD) products. The MOTIE offers the GD mark, known as the highest award for companies with a reinforced industrial competitive edge, by evaluating the product's aesthetic impression, functionality, and economic feasibility. Univera proved its competitive edge by being chosen as the company receiving Good Design awards for two consecutive years, following the award for 100 Skin Care last year.