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Cooperating to Successfully Host the 2010 IASP Daedeok
Daedeok Innopolis held a briefing session for embassy officials
Cooperating to Successfully Host the 2010 IASP Daedeok
  • By matthew
  • March 15, 2010, 17:47
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On February 22, Kang Gye-doo, President of Daedeok Innopolis and Choi Kyung-hwan, Minister of Knowledge Economy invited 47 Embassy officials from 40 countries, including the Peruvian ambassador and the commercial attache to Spain to a briefing session on the upcoming 2010 IASP Daedeok at the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel. The 27th IASP 2010 Daedeok World Conference on Science and Technology Parks will be held from May 23 to 26 at the Daejeon Convention Center and will be the biggest international event in Daejeon this year.

The briefing session was to inform those in attendance that the Daedeok Innopolis, founded in 1973, is one of the oldest science parks in Korea, as well as to ask for their cooperation.

Daedeok Innopolis currently aims to become one of the top five successful innovation clusters by 2015. The embassy officials will contact and work closely with their own countries' science park associations in regards to attending and participating in the conference.

Furthermore, the IASP 2010 Daedeok International Green Hi-Tech Exhibition will be held during the conference, with more than 200,000 high-tech companies and world-renowned R&D institutes participating and offering visitors the opportunity to check out their technologies. The exhibition is expected to serve as a marketplace and bridge between green-tech companies in Korea and overseas companies. “IASP 2010 Daedeok will be a useful opportunity to solidify the global networks of science parks and technology institutes, with the participation of more industry professionals than ever before. Furthermore, with the hosting of this year's conference, Korea's green-technology will contribute to the development of overseas countries,” proclaimed Kang. He also asked for each nation's active participation and cooperation during the IASP 2010 Daedeok.