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Fostering Creative and Ethical Global Business Leaders
Yonsei Graduate School of Business strives to become a world class business school through pioneering research and global perspectives
Fostering Creative and Ethical Global Business Leaders
  • By matthew
  • March 15, 2010, 17:32
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Yonsei University, Korea's leading education institute with 96 years of history teaching business leaders, launched its Global MBA Program in 1998 as Korea's first English-only program. Yonsei Graduate School of Business (GSB) was accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, meeting the highest standards of global business education and was invited to the World Class Practices in Management Education Conference held in Shanghai last June. It was the only Korean university to participate in the conference and presented a successful case on the Assurance of Learning (AOL). The AOL system is a unique system built by Yonsei GSB and was introduced to all academic areas, including the undergraduate, MBA, M.S., and Ph.D programs, setting an education objective for students in all academic courses and implementing methods that can measure students' achievements throughout the program.

The Yonsei GSB programs include the Global MBA, the Executive MBA, the Corporate MBA, and the Finance MBA programs. Each program has been structured after thorough review and analysis, reflecting the needs, demands and lecture evaluations of graduates. “Yonsei GSB's creative curriculum has been recognized by internationally reputable education organizations and was this year reorganized to include innovative programs. Yonsei MBA will actively support students in order to further develop their careers and help them achieve their goals and dreams,” said Park Sang-yong, Dean of Yonsei University, School of Business.

The Yonsei Global MBA program is designed for talented young managers, exposing students to a global experience through working with international teammates on various projects. More than 50% of students come from 20 to 30 different countries, with Korean students having to go on mandatory exchanges or visiting programs to the United States, Europe, or other parts of Asia depending on their interests. The Yonsei Global MBA is a one year and five months program, ending at the time most companies begin recruiting, and therefore increasing the graduate employment ratio. The program offers various scholarship programs for both Korean and overseas students. Yonsei GSB stresses and dedicates more attention to subjects that focus on business in the Northeast Asia region, including Korea, Japan and China. These subjects especially appeal to students from overseas since the region is quickly becoming an emerging market. The Yonsei Global MBA program is run in partnership with various global universities, including the University of Chicago, University of North Carolina, University of Virginia, University of Washington, University of British Columbia, and Peking University, and has plans to further expand the student exchange programs in the near future.

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program was established in 2010 to provide a competitive curriculum and essential educational programs for those in top management positions. Yonsei GSB conducted a thorough analysis of existing EMBA programs and launched the Yonsei's EMBA program for those qualified to become future CEOs. All students in the program are required to take core courses composed of eight themes and participate in the EBMA global track project. EMBA is a two-year course, with classes conducted on Fridays and Saturdays biweekly, helping students balance work and study. Top level professors lead the classes. Focused more on leadership and strategic thinking, the classes are based on eight themes; Understanding Dynamics of the Market & Organization, Understanding Global Business Environments, Building Foundations for Effective Executives, Cultivating Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation, Creating Dynamic Capabilities for Market Leadership, Evaluating the Firm's Value & Performance, Developing Global Business Leadership and Leading the Future. Students participate in overseas visiting programs to build strategies for the global market. Yonsei's EMBA is the only Executive MBA program in Korea to conduct such a course. Graduates will be positioned to capitalize on the advantages of a lifetime membership to Yonsei's solid alumni network.

The Yonsei Corporate MBA (CMBA) program, Korea's leading part-time MBA program, is the oldest MBA program in Korea and is designed to provide business education to middle managers who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills in management. The program aims to educate and train global managers, providing them with cutting-edge management theories and industry practices. CMBA, a two-year evening MBA courses, has approximately 10,000 graduates to date and targets mid-level managers and junior executives with at least five years work experience.

The Finance MBA (FMBA) is a program specializing in finance engineering and asset management. The program is designed to train talented financial professional who will be leading the financial industry with a strong global competitiveness to become leaders in the global financial market. The courses are created to provide specialized knowledge in the latest finance theories through the study of various case studies. The FMBA program's curriculum is constructed of key finance courses in addition to formal MBA subjects. Students are to choose one track from Financial Engineering and Asset Management/Investment Banking. The FMBA is a two-year evening program designed primarily for mid-level managers and junior executives in the finance and related industries.

On top of the above mentioned four types of competitive MBA programs, Yonsei GSB implements numerous programs to assist in the development and training of students in order to provide them with a global perspective. Theses programs are the Global Experience Trip (GET) program, Global fieldwork program, and the Climbing of Mt. Kilimanjaro Outdoor program. These programs are conducted in various regions in the world including the U.S., France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong and Tanzania. Students can obtain a vast amount of knowledge and experience different business environments around the world by visiting leading universities and companies, such as the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, the Audencia Nantes School of Management in France, the IESE in Madrid, the New York University Stern School of Business, Columbia Business School in New York, and SDA Bocconi in Milano.

Yonsei GSB offers two dual degree programs, one with the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and another with the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Students can earn an MBA degree from each of the participating schools after successfully completing the courses.

Yonsei GSB runs an International Relations Team to assist its professors and students from overseas in all areas, such as life in Korea, culture and academics, allowing them to quickly adapt to their new campus life. Furthermore, the school is planning to open a “Cross Cultural Training Session” for foreign students who are expected to account for approximately 50% of all students in the Global MBA sector by next July. Yonsei GSB Will help students from various countries better understand each other, helping to maximize their education.