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Specialist in Cooling and Heating
Specialist in Cooling and Heating
  • By matthew
  • October 15, 2009, 17:18
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Kiturami Group, founded in 1962, is a leading boiler manufacturer capable of producing 100 million boilers annually. With some 500 patents and industrial property rights and with 98.7% of localization level of boiler components, Kiturami Group has been widely recognized worldwide as a group securing the world’s top-class technology in the heater industry.

As Kiturami Group succeeded in securing Century Co., one of two biggest market leaders in Korean air conditioning industry and Bumyang Co., which has the market-leading cooling technology in 2006, it was able to be reborn as a heating and cooling specialized manufacturer. Since 2006, with ceaseless efforts and investments on the development of new heating technology, hydrogen fuel-cell system as well as combined heating and cooling air conditioner, we have been expanding our business into the overall heating and cooling industry such as residential air conditioners, system air conditioner, central air conditioners.

In order to meet customer’s demand for next 30 years, Kiturami Group has opened ‘Homesys’ which can provide all home-related products such as boiler, air conditioner, furniture etc. and one-stop total service from an estimate of installation to A/S with reasonable costs. With these efforts, the company is committed to providing full satisfaction to its customers.