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George Friedman Predicts Korea's Reunification to be Abrupt
Reunification Prediction
George Friedman Predicts Korea's Reunification to be Abrupt
  • By matthew
  • October 15, 2014, 07:50
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George Friedman, one of the most influential political and military analysts and futurologists in the United States, predicted that inter-Korean reunification will take place abruptly before 2030. 

He visited Korea as a special speaker for the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2014 held in Seoul for three days from Oct. 14. He had a media interview on Oct. 13 in which he said so, adding that North Korea cannot maintain its regime any more. He also said in The Next 100 Years, his book published four years ago, that the two Koreas would be united within a couple of decades. 

“Kim Jong-un’s disappearance from view for 40 days is nothing to be surprised at, because Kim Jong-il used to do the same thing,” he explained, continuing, “What we need to focus on is the fact that it happened from the early stage of the regime for Kim Jong-un.” 

He added, “North Korea has long used instability as a way of filtering out resistance, that is, to see who steps up when the leader is absent. Although nobody knows the current condition of Kim Jong-un, the utilization of the instability from as early as this implies he is afraid of something.”