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Making Energy Solutions Work for a Sustainable World
LS Industrial Systems will prove its leading position in the energy industry at 2009 Korea Energy Show
Making Energy Solutions Work for a Sustainable World
  • By matthew
  • October 15, 2009, 17:07
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LS Industrial Systems is Korea’s leading company in the field of industrial automation. It provides total solutions for the stable supply and control of power from power plants to large industrial plants. It also strives to deliver an optimized automation environment from unit machines to large process controls. The company is investing heavily in the development of green energy solutions such as smart grid solutions, fuel cells, next-generation electric parts for automobiles, power semiconductors, RFID, and LEDs.

Of late, LS Industrial Systems announced that the company will construct ‘Green Village’ and ‘Green Factory,” Korea’s first Smart Grid systems. The ‘Green Village’ and ‘Green Factory” envisioned by LSIS will adopt smart meter systems and be equipped with renewable energy storage facilities, including fuel cells, solar power plants, and energy storage equipment. As such, the Green Village will constitute a residential complex that is capable of managing household power consumption in real time. The company plans to construct the Green Village in 20 households by selecting an appropriate area, and Green Factory at its Cheongju and Cheonan plants.It plans to complete the preparations and begin practical operations by the year’s end.

LS Industrial Systems has launched its new power semiconductor module products, a sector which the company is cultivating as a new growth engine. The company has invested about 12 billion won since 2005, and secured power semiconductor module technology and products. The company aims to complete a full lineup of products that can be applied to the overall industrial field, including inverters, by 2010.

Having declared ‘Green Business’ as one of its next-generation growth engines, the company has recorded a flurry of achievements in the electrical parts business for electrically-powered vehicles (EV), which it launched in earnest this year.

Also in the electric parts business for electronic vehicles (EVs), LS Industrial Systems will band together with Phoenix Motorcars of the Untied States for cooperation. The agreement comes after the Company won an order for power control units (PCU), a core part for EVs, for 110 electric vehicles from an Italian EV maker. The MOU allows LS Industrial Systems to supply preferably EV relays and PCUs, core parts for EVs, for an eco-friendly transport project in Hawaii, the United States, which is being executed by Phoenix.

The project, which Phoenix contracted with the Hawaiian state government, consists in implementing an eco-friendly transport system on the island of Maui. The project calls for the launch of a pilot operation of electrically-powered vehicles by this year’s second half, and for the replacement of all vehicles on the island with electric vehicles in the long-term.

Kim Yeong-min, the general manager who is leading the futuristic vehicle business at LS Industrial Systems, said, “We are making tangible achievements in Korea and abroad. We have also signed an MOU with Leo Motors in Korea, and will supply LS Industrial Systems’ electrical parts for a planned project for the pilot operation of electrically-powered buses in Daegu Metropolitan City, and for an electric vehicle taxi project in the Philippines.”

“LS Industrial Systems has been carrying out a national G7 project for the development of electrical parts for EVs since 1993, and has developed outstanding products that are the lightest in weight and the longest in durability. We are confident that we are one of the global top five firms in terms of our technological capacity in this area.” Kim added.

LS Industrial Systems plans to construct production lines for electrical parts for EVs at its Cheonan and Cheongju plants by late April, and will continue cultivating the sector as a main pillar of LS Industrial’s Green Business.