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Samsung Electronics’ Market-cap Amounts to US$227.3 Billion, World’s 3rd Biggest in IT Industry
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics’ Market-cap Amounts to US$227.3 Billion, World’s 3rd Biggest in IT Industry
  • By matthew
  • March 5, 2013, 14:28
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Samsung Electronics has steadily raised its ranking of market capitalization along with record-breaking earnings each year. Last year its market capitalization was ranked third among the world’s IT firms. Its ranking has risen two or three steps every year; from eighth in 2010 to fifth in 2011 and third in 2012.

According to National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) on March 4, Samsung Electronics’ market capitalization as of the end of last year amounted to US$227.3 billion, ranked third behind Apple and Google. Apple, with US$500.6 billion recorded as its total market value as of the end of 2012, became the world’s largest IT firm for its third consecutive year since 2010. Google’s market capitalization was US$5 billion larger than Samsung’s.

The previous year’s second and third IT firms, Microsoft (MS) and IBM, saw their rankings stepping down to fourth and fifth, respectively. IBM was followed by Oracle, Qualcomm, Cisco, Intel and SAP.

NIPA, which had compiled the 2012 ranking, explained Taiwanese and American companies showed relative strength in terms of market capitalization. In particular, parts suppliers, Internet service providers and hardware businesses showed a remarkable growth each among others, added NIPA. Compared to the previous year, Taiwan and the US had three and two more native companies ranked among the top 100 group in 2012, respectively. Meanwhile, the number of Japanese companies was reduced by two.

The top 100 group in 2012 included three more IT/Internet service providers, three more IT/hardware businesses, and one more electronic parts and equipment supplier over the previous year. However, the numbers of network equipment suppliers and semiconductor companies were down by four and two, respectively.

“The traditional IT powers such as Microsoft, Intel, HP and Cisco who had led the PC and wire Internet age see their market value moving downhill. On the other hand, the mobile and smart innovation leaders such as Apple, Google, Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm are raising their rankings of market capitalization,” NIPA analyzed.