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Proven as a Reliable Eco-friendly Constructor
Ssangyong E&C’s Boutique Center at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove Hotel received the highest eco-friendly certification
Proven as a Reliable Eco-friendly Constructor
  • By matthew
  • June 29, 2011, 16:52
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Ssangyong E&C (Chairman & CEO Kim Seok-jun) announced that the luxury boutique center “Quayside Isle” of the W Singapore Sentosa Cove, which Ssangyong E&C is currently working on in Singapore, received the Green Mark Platinum Award, the highest award granted by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of the Singaporean government.

The BCA Green Mark was introduced by the Singaporean government in 2005 under the goal of establishing the world’s most prestigious certification for environmentally friendly buildings. Since then, the system has been adopted and implemented by many countries in Asia and the Middle East, including China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Saudi Arabia. With the LEED of the US and the BREEAM of the UK, the BCA Green Mark is acknowledged as one of the world’s top three eco-friendly certifications, and features highly strict standards evaluating not only the energy and resource conservation level during the design stage, but also building management fees, comfort, and innovation during the post-construction stage.

Ssangyong E&C won the project in January, 2011 for its design and building method, the way of proceeding design and construction at the same time. In particular, the Quayside Isle of the W Hotel Boutique Center uses only 55% of the energy consumed by other buildings to maintain indoor temperature at 24°C thanks to the use of double glazed low-E glass.

Furthermore, the building can save 1,370,000kwh of energy annually with the help of energy conserving equipment, including solar panels on the main parts of the rooftop and motion sensors in restrooms, stairs, and other public areas. Given that the average monthly energy consumption per household (5 members) in Korea is 300kwh, the amount of energy saved in the building is the equivalent to approximately 4,550 households per month.

The construction site also conserves about 9,000m3 water, the same as four Olympic-sized swimming pools, by using water recycled through the rainwater purification system. This water can then be used for numerous purposes, such as bathroom cleaning, construction work, construction vehicle cleaning, and dust cleaning.

In addition, green-labeled materials are used for the artificial wood deck of the roof garden. It is also expected to bring the effect of reducing 747 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 270,000 pine trees, since the building structure is entirely covered with recycled concrete.

“Since the adoption of the BCA Green Mark, all of the three buildings in Singapore built or being built by Ssangyong E & C have received the highest certification level ‘Platinum’. We will strengthen our position in the green construction sector at home and overseas based on our achievement in receiving the globally recognized eco-friendly certification”, said Hwang In-gang, managing director of Ssangyong E&C’s Overseas Construction Department.

The Oceanfront @ Seontosa Cove was awarded the Platinum certificate in May 2007, becoming the first residential building to be acknowledged with the award in Singapore, while the W Singapore Sentosa Cove received the same certificate in May 2010, the first hotel in Asia to be recognized with the award.

*What is the Platinum Certification? The “BCA Green Mark” awarded by The Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of the Singaporean government is provided in four levels; Platinum, Gold Plus, Gold, and Certified Rating, based on overall scores regarding the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) and other standards. More than 90, 85, 75, and 50 points are required to win the Platinum, Gold Plus, Gold, and Certified Rating, respectively.