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Accelerating Efforts to Expand Market Shares
LS Cable is striving to promote marketing activities through participation in international events held in Hanover, Germany, and New Orleans, USA.
Accelerating Efforts to Expand Market Shares
  • By matthew
  • August 13, 2010, 15:39
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LS Cable (CEO Goo Ja-yeol) is tightening its grip on the North American and European markets by actively participating in an industrial exposition held in Hanover, Germany and the IEEE/PES Conference & Exposition held in New Orleans, USA.

The Hanover industrial fair, renowned as the world’s largest machinery exposition, involved 5,000 companies and more than 200,000 participants from over 60 countries, while the IEEE/PES exposition, known as the world’s largest international electrical power expo, attracted approximately 20 companies and 20,000 participants from all over the world.

LS Cable introduced a variety of products designed to increase energy efficiency as well as provide environment-friendly energy solutions at the international events, promoting its international image as a trend-setting company that is in pursuit of “environment-friendly” development and “green growth.”

In particular, LS Cable received plaudits over the release of its next-generation cables, such as submarine, superconducting and high voltage cables, as well as high-end renewable energy products that incorporate wind power and solar photovoltaic power.

The Hanover industrial fair was attended by LS Cable President Son Jong-ho, Vice President Cho Joon-hyung and other senior-level executives.

In particular, Son’s presentation concerning newly released products attracted attention because he successfully got to the event after travelling for more than 20 hours by car from Milano, Italy after his flight was cancelled because of volcanic activity in Iceland.

Furthermore, Son went on to attend a leadership conference held from April 26 to 29, hosted by SPSX, the U.S. subsidiary of LS Cable, so as to share his management goal and corporate vision.

“Showing his willingness to attend international events despite difficulties brought about by an unexpected natural disaster, highlights the corporate leaders’ strong will to expand the company’s market shares in North Americas and Europe,” said a spokesperson for LS Cable, adding that LS Cable will continue to increase its presence in international events in order to position itself as one of the world’s top companies by 2015.

LS Cable, an offshoot from the LG Group since the year 2004, changed its name to “LS Cable” in March of 2005 following the group being renamed LS. In July 2008, LS Cable founded a holding company, which was divided into LS Cable and LS Mtron.

LS Cable’s main concerns is with successful development of super-speed transmission technology for energy and IT as well as the development of core parts of TFT-LCD.

The core product line includes: IT products (such as photonic textile, optical cable, parts consisting of optical elements and data & communications cables); electricity (such as a variety of electric cables); electronic parts & materials (such as electronic parts,, IT products and optical and LCD parts); machines (such as tractors, freeze dryers, injection molding machines and pumps for household and industrial use).