Thursday, April 9, 2020
Il-yang Pharm Says Its Leukemia Treatment Effective in Treating COVID-19
New Substances Reduce COVID-19 99%
Il-yang Pharm Says Its Leukemia Treatment Effective in Treating COVID-19
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • March 16, 2020, 10:50
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Il-yang Pharm's leukemia treatment Supect

Il-yang Pharm announced on March 13 that its new leukemia treatment “Supect” has been confirmed to be effective in treating COVID-19.

Il-yang Pharm has verified the effectiveness of the drug at the Biological Safety Center of the College of Medicine of Korea University.

In an experiment using the virus provided by the Korea Center for Disease Control, Supect was found to reduce the novel coronavirus by 70 percent within 48 hours compared to the control group. Il-yang Pharm explained that Supect was superior to Kaltra, a human immune deficiency (HIV) treatment, or Abigan, an influenza treatment, which are currently used as an auxiliary treatment for COVID-19. Supect is a new drug currently on the market and has been proven safe. For this reason, the company said that it would take less time to develop a new COVID-19 treatment with Supect compared to other candidate materials.

Some of Il-yang Pharm's candidates for MERS treatment also showed therapeutic effects against COVID-19. Five out of the nine substances reduced the novel coronavirus by more than 99 percent within 24 hours after administration.

Il-yang Pharm discovered these materials while conducting a research project on the development of new treatments for new and modified viruses for the Korea Research Foundation.