Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Samsung Electronics’ New Washing Machine and Dryer Work Seamlessly as One
Controlled by Artificial Intelligence
Samsung Electronics’ New Washing Machine and Dryer Work Seamlessly as One
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • January 30, 2020, 13:04
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Samsung Grande AI washing machine and dryer

Samsung Electronics has launched the Samsung Grande AI washer and drier that integrate a washing machine and a drier organically through artificial intelligence.

The company unveiled the new product during a media day event held at the Gangnam Branch of Samsung Digital Plaza in Dosandaero, Seoul on Jan. 29. The new product is loaded with an all-in-one control function that allows users to operate the dryer from the control panel on the washing machine. If you select a specific washing course of the washing machine through the AI course connection function, it will automatically set the drying course for the dryer.

The automatic course linkage makes washing and drying functions more precise. The AI ​​habit memory function based on AI deep learning proposes courses in a customized form by learning washing and drying courses and detailed options that users frequently use.

In particular, the new washer is able to inject a proper amount of detergents through the AI custom washing function. The sensor inside the device adjusts the number of rinsing cycles by detecting the degree of contamination of a laundry, which saves users electricity, water and time. The new dryer also significantly enhanced drying performance. Equipped with the largest compressor and heat exchanger in Korea, the new model’s drying time was reduced by 30 percent compared to old models. For example, it takes 36 minutes to wash and dry a shirt through the Grande AI washer and dryer.

Samsung Electronics minimized the possibility of contamination inside the dryer as well. The triple filter inside the dryer minimizes dust to the heat exchanger and has a separate coating to prevent rust from forming on connections of the heat exchanger. In addition, the dryer remains no water after drying, keeping the dryer clean without any bacteria or odors.