Sunday, April 5, 2020
North Gyeongsang Province Operating a Booth at CES 2020 Jointly with Daegu City
To Help Local Firms Go Global
North Gyeongsang Province Operating a Booth at CES 2020 Jointly with Daegu City
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • January 13, 2020, 10:02
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A joint booth of North Gyeongsang Province and Daegu City at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the United States

North Gyeongsang Province is operating a booth for local companies jointly with Daegu city at CES 2020, the world’s largest tech expo which opened in Las Vegas, the United States on Jan. 7. Thirty companies located in Daegu city or North Gyeongsang Province are showcasing their technological prowess at CES 2020.

The Daegu City government had participated in the CES expo for the past seven years to help local businesses introduce their products and win export contracts. The city government’s achievements have encouraged North Gyeongsang Province to participate in CES for the first time this year.

Major companies of North Gyeongsang Province attending the joint booth at the exhibition included IDEL Co., Ltd (display and bulletproof sheet), Wooshin Industrial Co., Ltd (imaging device and software), and Daeyoung Electronics Co., Ltd (air purifier, LED lighting, and robot vacuum cleaner).

IDEL Co., Ltd introduced a futuristic plastic extrusion sheet. The new building materials are used in many industrial sectors, and the co-extrusion technology used in the materials can prevent the surface from going yellowish, keeping it clean. Besides, these materials are used by construction-related companies, television monitor companies, industrial machinery companies, and producers of signboards for advertisements. In particular, the company is expanding its business to televisions and LED lighting, and developing anti-crime or anti-insect sheet, further opening up new markets in diverse sectors.

Wooshin Industrial Co., Ltd unveiled a multi-channel automatic vehicle monitoring (AVM) as its flagship product. The auto parts company expects that the market for AVM and other automotive safety systems would expand greatly due to the global trend towards stricter safety regulations on vehicles.

Daeyoung Electronics advertised VVINT air purifier, and VVINT natural humidifying air purifier. The company’s products are based on technology that can filter 99.9 percent of fine dust. In addition, a VVINT humidifier can create water droplets as minute as one 50,000th of that created by an ultrasonic humidifier. The droplets are even smaller than bacteria, meaning bacteria cannot stick to them. The product does not need humidifier sterilizers, an advantage over other products.

Imagination Garden is one of the startups that operate a booth separately. The farming startup showcases its hydroponic cultivator and culture compensator. The market for hydroponic systems is expanding worldwide because of limited arable land, climate change and diversification of food consumption patterns. Yet producers of existing hydroponic systems have failed to meet growing demand because their products are expensive and extremely limited in the scope of the items that can be cultivated. For this reason, the water culture company launched a low-cost plant factory and a smart culture compensator to solve the problem.

Smartreum Bang E Inc. introduces a shoe dry sterilizer which eliminates bacteria and virus within footwear. The company has developed a portable device that customers can carry easily and use anytime anywhere, such as at home, in the company, on trip, and in sports activities. The device is highly convenient to use as it measures the inside of the shoes to determine when to start or finish sanitizing automatically.

Jeon Woo-heon, vice governor of economy of North Gyeongsang Province, said that operating a joint booth at CES 2020 may not lead directly to export contracts but that it helped companies introduce their technologies to the global market. “I hope that Daegu city and North Gyeongsang Province will form an economic community and further integrate administrative efforts so that their local companies can enter overseas markets more easily,” said the vice governor.