Sunday, April 5, 2020
Amorepacific Group Adopts ‘Exciting Changes’ as Its Management Motto for 2020
'Enjoy and Embrace Change'
Amorepacific Group Adopts ‘Exciting Changes’ as Its Management Motto for 2020
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • January 9, 2020, 11:47
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Amorepacific Group chairman Seo Kyung-bae gives his New Year’s address during a kickoff meeting held at the group’s main office on Jan. 2.

Amorepacific Group held a kickoff meeting for 2020 at its main office on Jan. 2. “In 2020, let's enjoy making changes, big and small, and step up innovation for our customers,” chairman Seo Kyung-bae said. “Let's keep in mind customer-centered management as our highest value that will never change even in a changing environment.”

This year, Amorepacific Group will step up efforts to attain its management goals and visions through such strategies such as boosting brand competitiveness, enhancing customer experience and implementing Omni-Digital Loop.

To sharpen its brand competitiveness, the group plans to develop and supply innovative products, launch exciting products significantly differentiated from others, and build a unique brand status with unique stories that reflect the spirit of the times.

To enhance customer experience, the business group will prepare a channel strategy tailored to the new distribution environment. It will seek to present differentiated and personalized experience to customers who act as creative producers, and put the value of new lifestyles into the customer experience. 

AmorePacific will accelerate enterprise-wide digitization in order to implement Omni Digital Loop. It will create an independent digital loop that can provide a variety of experiences to customers in the midst of changes in ultra-digital technology led by the social media, artificial intelligence and blockchain among others.

Lastly, Seo asked all members of Amorepacific Group to make the business group a great workplace where work is enjoyable and meaningful.