Friday, February 28, 2020
Samsung Electronics to Release New Micro LED TVs for Homes in Second Half of 2020
The Next Big Upgrade in TV Technology
Samsung Electronics to Release New Micro LED TVs for Homes in Second Half of 2020
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • January 7, 2020, 09:21
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A Samsung Electronics official assembles micro LED panels right after the “Samsung First Look 2020” event held at Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, the United States, on Jan. 5 (local time).

Samsung Electronics will release new micro LED TV models for use in homes in the second half of this year, Han Jong-hee, president of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business, said in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, stressing that the company has made remarkable progress in the new TV technology.

Han met with reporters at Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas right after the “Samsung First Look 2020” event.

He put much emphasis on the advancement Samsung has achieved in its micro LED TV technology since it launched its first micro LED TV, “The Wall” in 2018. He announced that Samsung has completed its home product lineup, and showcased six new micro LED TV models at the Las Vegas event, which invited 500 or so media people from all around the world.

Han disclosed that Samsung will release 75-inch, 88-inch, 93-inch and 110-inch consumer-friendly models in the second half of this year. These new models are to be launched in less than a year after Samsung unveiled the 146-inch “The Wall” in August 2019.

A micro LED TV display is made up of micro LED panels, with each panel consisting of numerous tiny LEDs of less than 100 micrometers (㎛). This technology is said to be at the top of display technologies available now. It is designed to take the best of OLED and make it brighter, longer-lasting and more affordable. One notable advantage of micro LED technology is that you can create a TV of any size by putting together micro LED panels.

Han said that Samsung’s major customers are already expecting it to release large-screen micro LED TVs. “We will release ultra-thin TVs that are eveb thinner than The Wall that we have already launched.”

Large-screen TVs exceeding the 140-inch model are for enterprises, while smaller ones to be launched in the second half of this year are for homes. Han frankly said that the high price range and low demand are big stumbling blocks for micro LED TVs. The price of a 146-inch Wall approaches 400 million won to 500 million won (US$341,880 to US$427,350). “We will disclose the prices of the new models when we release them to the market,” said Han. “We are still thinking over their prices.”

Han made it clear that Samsung will adopt a two-track approach for its TV business, QLED TVs and micro LED TVs. “We will continue to develop micro LED TVs in parallel with QLED TVs, which are our mainstay TV products,” Han said. “Micro LED TVs have distinctive features from QLED TVs. They deliver greater depth, better resolution and higher clarity.”

Regarding the prospects for 8K TVs, Han noted that it took three to four years for 2K TVs to be replaced by 4K ones. “We believe 8K TVs will follow the same path. We are doing our best to shorten the cycle for 8K TVs,” said Han.