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KIST to Introduce Brain-controlled Robot to World Market Next Year
The First State-run R&D Center to Participate in CES
KIST to Introduce Brain-controlled Robot to World Market Next Year
  • By Michael Herh
  • December 27, 2019, 13:25
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KIST researchers test a walking-aid robot for the disabled.

The Korea Institute for Science and Technology (KIST) is set to introduce a brain-controlled walking-aid robot for the disabled and other new technologies to the world.

The institute announced on Dec. 26 that it will participate in CES 2020, the world's largest exhibition of home appliances and IT products to be held in Las Vegas of the United States from Jan. 7-10 (local time). KIST will be the first state-run Korean research organization to participate in the event.

The institute will show a walking-aid exoskeleton robot for the disabled. Based on a brain to machine interface, the robot can understand its user’s intentions to stand or sit and move or stop through human brain waves. The user can control the robot by thoughts alone.

KIST will display a pair of 4K high-resolution smart AR glasses based on 5G communications and AI deep learning technology, 3D montage and face aging simulation technology combining facial recognition technology and 3D analytic modeling, and the world's first accurate indoor location and monitoring system based on RF signals.