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CoinExpress Offers Cryptocurrency Custody Services
Helping Users Manage Assets
CoinExpress Offers Cryptocurrency Custody Services
  • By Yoon Young-sil
  • December 11, 2019, 21:04
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CoinExpress Exchange has implemented cryptocurrency custody services following Korea's top cryptocurrency exchanges Upbit and Bithumb. Amid fierce competition among cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinExpress Exchange, based in Japan and incorporated in Hong Kong, has launched a service that helps users manage and operate their assets, instead of deducting transaction fees.

CoinExpress has been providing custodian services since early this year, and also has been effectively providing derivatives by offering asset management services for individuals and corporate customers using cryptocurrency.

- Why do you need CoinExpress derivatives and custody token ETT in blockchain?

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the importance of venture startups and the size of their capital are growing along with innovation in digital technology. As of 2016, the global venture capital market was estimated at US$120.7 billion. In addition, the annual market size over the past three years is more than $100 billion. The largest share is taken up by the United States and China. South Korea is also included in the list of major countries, and it has been actively attracting small and medium-sized business ventures in the blockchain sector. CoinExpress's asset management services allow it to securely store asset value while also enabling a disruptive corporate welfare pursuit with a trading strategy.

- How are derivatives used in asset management on CoinExpress Exchange?

In order to sell existing derivatives, it is necessary to register with the Korea Financial Investment Association. For those who do not have large assets, it is difficult to secure domestic bank profit limits and many people question the reliability of information obtained through the community. Existing companies only wait for deregulation of existing financial institutions, and cannot rely on personal or fragmented information, which is a high risk to consider.

In overseas markets, CoinExpress provides safe and easy benefits with custodian services, which are readily available to anyone and anywhere in the world. Through the custom system of the dividend algorithm of the CoinExpress Exchange, which will be reborn as the parent company of various exchanges, corporate or personal assets can be digitized and issued as tokens and furthermore banking services can be utilized.