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Doosan to Create Remote Controlled Power Plants
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Doosan to Create Remote Controlled Power Plants
  • By matthew
  • April 2, 2014, 09:01
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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is seeking to expand its construction business using information and communication technology (ICT), going beyond just building power plants. 

The Korean engineering, procurement and construction contractor announced on April 1 that it completed the establishment of a service system for the operation of power plants with the creation of a new software center in its Seoul office at the end of March. Last January, the company set up a Remote Monitoring Service Center (RMSC) in its main office in Changwon. 

Doosan’s RMSC and software center will play a major role in boosting the efficiency of power plants using Big Data, after collecting and crunching large amounts of information related to the operation of power plants.  

The RMSC is equipped with an early warning system, a real-time monitoring system, and a system that can predict the breakdown of power plants. It receives data in real time about the operation of core devices in the control room of the power plant, and suggests an optimized solution to a problem immediately after it occurs. 

The software center will gather a massive amount of data that the RMSC already receives, so that power plants can be better designed and run more effectively. The center will also offer information and programs that can be utilized for maintenance and repair services. 

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction anticipates that it will be able to enhance its competitiveness in winning orders to build power plants through the remote-controlled service. Their anticipation is based on the preference of project owners at home and abroad for a long-term service contract that remote control and monitoring of power plants.