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Hyundai Motor Group Opens CRADLE Beijing
Completing Global Open Innovation Network
Hyundai Motor Group Opens CRADLE Beijing
  • By Michael Herh
  • September 24, 2019, 09:44
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Hyundai Motor Group’s open innovation network consisting of five centers in the United States, Germany, China, Israel and Korea

Hyundai Motor Group announced on Sept. 23 that it will officially open CRADLE Beijing in Beijing and accelerate cooperation with strategic partners in China to find new growth engines.

CRADLE Beijing is Hyundai Motor Group's fifth global open innovation center after the Hyundai CRADLE Silicon Valley in the United States, Zero One in Korea, Hyundai CRADLE TLV (Tel Aviv) in Israel, and CRADLE Berlin in Germany. These centers focus on innovation through collaboration.

With the opening of CRADLE Beijing, Hyundai Motor Group can expand its cooperation with leading Chinese ICT companies, competent technology startups, universities, government agencies, and investment institutions. Last year, the automotive group announced a plan to jointly establish a hydrogen energy fund with Tsinghua University. It also announced a collaboration plan with Deep Glint, China’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, at the CES Asia.

Initially, Hyundai planned to finalize the launch of the open innovation centers in the world's five major bases by the end of last year. The plan was delayed because of efforts to find the right persons for the centers.

"As the world shifts to the era of data technology (DT) from the era of information technology (IT), CRADLE Beijing will work to build an open, innovative, interactive platform that can actively interact with local innovation networks in China,” said Peter Yang, director of the new center. "CRADLE Beijing will serve as a hub for sharing innovation solutions that begin from China with the world."