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AIA Vitality Opens Smart Direct Platform
Insurance Subscription via Mobile
AIA Vitality Opens Smart Direct Platform
  • By Yoon Young-sil
  • September 9, 2019, 16:07
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AIA Korea has opened a mobile self-insurance subscription platform for the customers of “AIA Vitality,” AIA’s health management program.

AIA Korea has opened a self-insurance subscription platform for the subscribers of “AIA Vitality,” AIA’s health management program. The new platform, which offers easy policy subscription via mobile, offers insurance coverage and allows the customers to take care of their health at the same time.

“AIA Vitality Direct,” which targets the younger customers who prefer using mobile devices, has simplified the subscription and service procedures. It has a simple and intuitive interface, designed for a simple subscription process.

In particular, the Direct Platform minimized the data entry process and implemented the simple subscription process, simplifying the complex insurance policy subscription procedures. It also eliminated the authentication certificate system and added Kakao Pay for premium payment, adding convenient functions for the younger customers.

AIA Korea has also launched two new insurance policies in celebration of the opening of its direct platform. “Purple Holiday Traffic Accident Insurance” is an accident insurance with three-step procedure for quick and easy subscription. It provides coverage for traffic accidents on holidays at low insurance premiums regardless of age; annual fee for men and women is 2,500 won and 1,600 won, respectively. The biggest advantage of this policy is that it is one-year petty-sum insurance that covers accidents during holidays, including the weekends with frequent outings. One may easily subscribe through the direct channels.

The “Healthier Cancer Insurance” is a Vitality-integrated insurance policy offered through direct channels only, targeting the young, rational customers who have already experienced their Vitality rewards by achieving their missions on the “AIA Vitality X T Health Habits” application. This policy is a non-renewable lifetime insurance with no increase in premium, focusing on the most preferred cancer coverage by people in their twenties and thirties. It also offers 5 pecent premium discount for the first year, and up to 20 percent premium discount depending on users’ Vitality level.

In addition, AIA Korea will be holding online events to celebrate AIA Vitality’s one year of service and the launching of Direct Platform until Oct. 9. From the participants who access and enter the Vitality Direct event through accessing the AIA Vitality X T Healthy Habits application, one winner will be randomly selected to receive Tottenham Hotspurs match ticket and flight tickets for London roundtrip (2 tickets for 1 entry) and five people will be selected to receive Tottenham Hotspurs uniforms. Tottenham Hotspurs merchandises such as balls and mugs will be randomly presented to all those who subscribe to the cancer insurance during this period.

Sohn Ik-joon, director of AIA Korea’s Vitality and Digital explained that “AIA Korea Digital Direct Platform which can be accessed easily through the AIA Vitality application, was launched in response to the needs of younger customer base, who seek speed and convenience,” and added that “AIA Korea will offer the best customer experience through the Direct Platform and will continue to introduce various insurance policies that may be of practical help to the younger customers.”

Meanwhile, AIA Vitality, which celebrated one year of service in August, is a health and wellness program that offers various benefits according to the membership level. Benefits include insurance premium and telecommunications fee discounts; subscribers can receive the benefits by achieving the weekly health missions such as walking. The service currently has 1.35 million subscribers in Korea. The AIA Vitality X T Healthy Habits application is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and One Store.