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Samsung Electronics Galaxy Buds Rank 1st in Wireless Earphones
Outweighing Apple's AirPods
Samsung Electronics Galaxy Buds Rank 1st in Wireless Earphones
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • August 16, 2019, 10:18
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Samsung Electronics’ wireless earphone Galaxy Buds

Samsung Electronics’ wireless earphones, the Galaxy Buds, have outclassed Apple’s AirPods, the market leader, in a review by the U.S. consumer media outlet Consumer Reports.

The Galaxy Buds were ranked first with 86 points, while AirPods, which are used by about 60 percent of wireless earphone users, came in 49th with 56 points.

Consumer Reports ranked the wireless earphones based on an evaluation of their sound quality and designs.

In terms of sound quality, only the Galaxy Buds received the “Excellent” grade. Consumer Reports said that the Galaxy Buds were one of the first portable Bluetooth earphones to achieve the highest sound quality grade.

The design and battery life of the Galaxy Buds also received positive reviews. "The Galaxy Buds are a truly wireless design without wires connecting two earphones," Consumer Reports said. “It features easy-to-use touch functions and six hours of battery life.”