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Cafe24 rolls out services optimized for influencer commerce
To Meet Influencer Needs
Cafe24 rolls out services optimized for influencer commerce
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • August 7, 2019, 14:19
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Cafe24 has launched influencer-optimized services.

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 has launched influencer-optimized services "Sales Calendar" for managing promotional events and "Delivery Commission" for shipping even the fewest products through professional delivery service. In the near future, Cafe24 plans to roll out more services for influencers in e-commerce.

The Sales Calendar service is optimized for conducting "group buying" sales, which is a popular method among influencers in Korea. To use, simply inputting the promotion start and finish dates, product and quantity for sale, and product display options can ready the event for automatic rollout.

The Delivery Commission service provides professional shipping services for sellers with any number of merchandise. It is a solution to influencers having trouble finding professional courier services for selling limited items. To use, influencers can simply send an order list in one click for delivery to begin.

Both Sales Calendar and Delivery Commission services are available for free download on Cafe24’s App Store for all solution users.

Cafe24 CEO Lee Jae-suk said, “Influencers with creativity are quickly becoming the driving force for e-commerce. We support all influencers wishing to grow their online business on Cafe24’s platform.”