Friday, December 6, 2019
Hyundai Mobis Develops a Camera Monitor System to Replace Rear View Mirrors
Cameras Reduce Noises and Air Resistance
Hyundai Mobis Develops a Camera Monitor System to Replace Rear View Mirrors
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 22, 2019, 10:45
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Hyundai Mobis’ future concept car M Vision, which was unveiled in Las Vegas in January of this year, is loaded with a camera monitor system (CMS).

Hyundai Mobis has developed a camera monitor system (CMS) that can replace rear view mirrors.

The new product is expected to get rid of external noises caused by conventional rear view mirrors, boost fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance, and help car designers create innovative designs.

Hyundai Mobis has become the first company in Korea to develop a CMS. In a CMS, cameras are installed in the locations of rear view mirrors to monitor the surroundings of the vehicle and display them on an internal monitor. This technology expands the viewing area and greatly reduces blind spots, enhances driving safety, and helps designers make innovative changes in external vehicle design with the application of various cameras.

The viewing angle of the cameras is more than 35 degrees, which is more than double the viewing area of general side mirrors which is around 17 degrees. Hyundai Mobis explained that the CMS enables people to drive cars without checking blind spots by turning their heads.

Especially, the CMS monitor is installed inside the car, with only small camera arms installed on both sides of the vehicle. As a result, the CMS can eliminate outside noises generated by conventional rear view mirrors and raise fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance.

These advantages are prompting countries around the world to set up regulations related to the CMS. Currently, only a few companies have secured the technology. Hyundai Mobis plans to step up its efforts to land more orders by taking full advantage of its CMS technology. Demand for the CMS will increase to the 200,000-unit level in 2023, global market research firm IHS Markit forecasts.