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SK Telecom Builds Open API Portal to Share Technologies with Small Companies
A Strategy for Win-Win Growth
SK Telecom Builds Open API Portal to Share Technologies with Small Companies
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • June 27, 2019, 11:56
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Park Jin-hyo, director of SK Telecom’s ICT Technology Center introduces SK Open API Portal at the center in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province on June 26.

SK Telecom has built SK Open API Portal that collects applications programming interfaces (APIs) from major ICT affiliates of SK Group for sharing with external companies.

The move is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) start new services using APIs of SK Group units, including SK Holdings C&C, SK Hynix, SK Planet, SK Broadband and 11st. This API sharing will contribute to the growth of related ecosystems, ultimately benefiting the growth of SK Group.

APIs are fundamental components of software and services and are classified as core assets of enterprises. SK Open API Portal has a total of 46 APIs including 19 from SK Telecom, such as T Map, mobile edge computing (MEC) and Every Air, and 13 from SK Broadband. The number of APIs in the portal will increase to 85 types within this year. The portal allows developers to browse and utilize SK Group ICT affiliates’ APIs in one place, facilitating “mashups” or development of new software or services by combining technologies, data and content.

For example, in order to develop an AI-based gate management service, a developer can use SK Telecom's navigation service T map API to receive location information and SK Holdings C&C’s vision AI Aiden. If the developer wants to videotape people passing the gate, he will be able to make good use of SK Broadband's cloud cam API.

SK Telecom plans to use this portal as a platform to share APIs including those developed by general companies. APIs of SK Group affiliates are provided for SMEs virtually free of charge whereas APIs of general companies will be for intellectual property loyalties in the form of a business model.