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Blockchain-based Fandom Support Platform to Attract Global K-pop Fans
Helping K-pop Fans Communicate with Artists
Blockchain-based Fandom Support Platform to Attract Global K-pop Fans
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • June 10, 2019, 09:58
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Blockchain-based Fan club online community platform snowDAQ

With the popularity of K-pop rising in the global market, a blockchain-based fan club platform will be introduced this year to attract world K-pop fans and help them communicate with artists.

Blockchain-based social entertainment company snowM said on June 9 that it will release the demonatration version of fan club online community platform snowDAQ in July and start the official service in the second half of the year using Luniverse, a blockchain platform for service operated by Lambda256, a subsidiary of Dunamu.

Industry watcher are waiting to see if snowDAQ will succeed in creating a large-scale blockchain service using the K-pop fandom.

snowM is a company made up of entertainment companies including SM, SidusHQ, MBC, Bugs Music and Sony Pictures. The company already operates snowMakers, a blockchain-based artist development platform. The snowDAQ service, which is a community platform that connects fans and artists, will be snowM’s second blockchain-based service.

Park Seung-hun, CEO of SnowM, said, "Users of entertainment-based blockchain services are fans and fan clubs. We hope that the services will resolve inconveniences that they experience and receive the fair value of fandom activity." This means that snowMakers and snowDAQ will also introduce a token reward system for the amount of fans' activity.

In addition, these services are expected to reduce the burden of commissions for overseas fans trying to buy concert tickets and merchandise by providing a blockchain-based remittance service in place of the current simple payment and remittance platforms such as PayPal.