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Unity to Strengthen Partnership with Samsung Electronics
Expanding Support for Developers
Unity to Strengthen Partnership with Samsung Electronics
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • May 22, 2019, 10:53
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David Helgeson, founder of Unity Technologies, makes a presentation at the “Unity Seoul 2019” conference at COEX in Seoul on May 21.

Unity Korea, a game engine developer, is set to expand support for Korean game developers by expanding the scope of Samsung Electronics smartphones that carry “Adaptive Performance”, a mobile game solution jointly launched with Samsung Electronics.

Unity Korea made the announcement at “Unite Seoul 2019,” a developer conference it held at COEX, in Seoul on May 21. Unity and Samsung Electronics presented Adaptive Performance at the Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2019 in San Francisco in February.

Adaptive Performance is a solution that boosts the power of Unity-based mobile games on Samsung Electronics's flagship devices such as the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Fold. Currently, Adaptive Performance is available only for the Galaxy S10. Samsung Electronics and Unity plan to load the solution onto other Galaxy models through updates of the operating system (OS).

"Korea game developers have been complaining that it is difficult to develop and commercialize Android OS-based games. We have confirmed a lack of technical preparations," said Kim Jung-woo, a senior researcher at Samsung Electronics. “We can help Android game developers develop games more easily and this will generate positive effects."

Cooperation with Samsung Electronics is one of Unity's developer support policies. Unity has also recently announced the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP), a support platform for developers. The UDP allows developers to automatically launch their content in any app markets and app stores that have business ties with Unity.