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Samsung Electronics' Self-Driving Car Video on YouTube Spawns Speculations
Samsung Promotes Automotive Semiconductors
Samsung Electronics' Self-Driving Car Video on YouTube Spawns Speculations
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • March 22, 2019, 11:47
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An image capture of the video “Samsung Automotive Memory Solution: Enables the Future of Safe Autonomous Driving” released in the official YouTube channel of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics has recently posted a promotional video of a self-driving car on YouTube, spawning speculations.

The global semiconductor giant released a video titled “Samsung Automotive Memory Solution” on YouTube on March 21. The 60-second video describes autonomous driving technology.

Some observers say that it hints at the possibility of Samsung entering the autonomous driving car business. The video shows that an autonomous driving car is started with a smart key and runs on roads in a city, using computer graphics. It makes Samsung Electronics looks as if it was an automaker developing future cars.

"Relationships between automobiles and drivers are evolving thanks to the recent development of advanced technology leading the automobile industry," a narrator says in the video.

The latter half of the video shows four types of semiconductor products inside an autonomous driving vehicle. "As a leader in the advanced memory market, Samsung Electronics is contributing to the creation of the future of safe autonomous driving through cutting-edge parts and solutions," the narrator added. "This video introduces some of memory solutions for self-driving cars."

In the meantime, Samsung Electronics has denied speculations about its entry in the vehicle production. "We do not plan to engage in the automobile businesses such as electric cars and autonomous vehicles or acquire or merge with related companies," the company said in a message to employees last year with reference to the autonomous driving vehicle business.