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Samsung Electronics Takes Seventh Spot in Harris Poll Reputation Quotient
Joining the World's 10 Most Reputable Companies
Samsung Electronics Takes Seventh Spot in Harris Poll Reputation Quotient
  • By Michael Herh
  • March 8, 2019, 09:07
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Samsung Electronics joined the world's top 10 companies in terms of reputation.

Samsung Electronics ranked seventh, classified as Excellent, in this year's Harris Poll Reputation Quotient with a score of 80. For reference, Samsung ranked 35th with 77.56 in that survey last year. In this year’s survey, Sony climbed from 31st to 10th and 21st Century Fox climbed from 74th to 53rd.

Samsung came in 13th in 2012, 11th in 2013, seventh in 2014, and third in 2015. It took the seventh place in 2016 as the only non-U.S. company on the top 10 list. However, its ranking dropped to 49th in 2017 due to the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. This year, Samsung ranked third in terms of the pace of growth, fourth in product and service, sixth in business flow, and fourth in growth potential.

In the meantime, LG Electronics climbed 10 notches in one year to come in 15th with a score of 79 and a Very Good rating. Hyundai Motor fell from 56th to 61st with 72.3 and Good.

A total of 18,228 American adults answered to this year’s Harris Poll Reputation Quotient with regard to evaluation items such as corporate social responsibility, corporate reliability, business performance and corporate culture. Wegmans, an American supermarket chain, topped the list by beating Amazon, which did so for three years in a row until 2018. They were followed by Patagonia, L.L.Bean, Walt Disney, Publix, Samsung, P&G, Microsoft and Sony. Facebook slid from 51st to 94th due to its recent privacy scandal. Tesla dropped from third to 42nd.