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Samsung Back Down to Fifth Place in IT
Samsung Market Cap
Samsung Back Down to Fifth Place in IT
  • By matthew
  • January 14, 2014, 09:46
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Samsung’s market capitalization was third place last year, but dropped to US$176.6 billion, placing it at fifth place globally. The company has been struggling with an earnings shock and a weakened yen.

It was pushed back two places after it climbed to third last year, when it surpassed Microsoft’s market cap. 

According to Korea Exchange and Bloomberg, Samsung’s market cap was registered at US$176.6 billion. 

First place was Apple with US$479.5 billion, and second was Google with US$377.6 billion.  

Microsoft and IBM, which were bumped off by Samsung, gained back their third and fourth places.

There are concerns that Samsung’s smartphone industry profits have reached a plateau, and as a result, these concerns are causing Samsung’s share price to drop.