Friday, July 19, 2019
Samsung and LG Begin New Air-Conditioner War with Smarter New Models
Air-conditioners Based on Advanced AI
Samsung and LG Begin New Air-Conditioner War with Smarter New Models
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • January 17, 2019, 12:48
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The new LG Whisen ThinkQ Air-conditioner features interactive artificial intelligence (AI) that can give voice information to users.

A fierce air conditioner war is underway in the middle of the winter. In particular, this year’s editions can speak on their own as they are based on more advanced artificial intelligence (AI). They can also block fine dust, which has emerged as a big health problem.

LG Electronics fired the first salvo in the air conditioner war this year. It announced on Jan. 16 that it would launch new air conditioner models including the LG Whisen ThinkQ with enhanced AI and air cleaning functions and energy efficiency.

This new product takes AI technology one step further. It can learn about environments surrounding users and their preferences on their own and run in an optimal way. “AI Smart Care Plus” loaded into the new products learns about users’ moves and living patterns, indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity and air quality, and operates in an appropriate course while giving voice notifications to users.

In addition, LG Electronics emphasized that its air cleaner function had been significantly strengthened in consideration of the fact that consumers were increasingly concerned about indoor air quality due to a recent rise in fine dust emissions. The new product is loaded with PM1.0 Sensor that can monitor ultra-fine dust emissions in real time and four-stage air purifying filters -- an ultra fine filter, an ultra fine mini filter, an ultra fine plus filter, a dust collecting ionizer.

The new product also features an energy monitoring function which enables users to check real-time power consumption and electricity bills at a glance on a display for the first time in Korea. Users can also check indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and ultra-fine dust emissions by connecting the new model with the LG Sensor Hub, a smart device that manages energy and air quality. The new air-conditioner comes in 26 models and they are priced at 2.85 to 5.75 million won.

Samsung Electronics will lay out a plan to launch a windless air conditioner with enhanced cooling and air cleaning functions. The new product will be loaded with an AI ​​function to learn and operate on its own and the Bixby speech recognition platform. In particular, the new model will feature an advanced function of automatically cleaning air by detecting the density of fine dust in a room.