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KAC Develops AI-based Aviation Security Screening System
Minimizing Security Check Errors
KAC Develops AI-based Aviation Security Screening System
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 28, 2018, 11:05
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Korea Airports Corp. (KAC) has developed an automatic aviation security checking system that adopts artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning technology.

Korea Airports Corp. (KAC) announced on Dec. 27 that it developed an automatic reading solution for X-ray security check, which integrates artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning technology into airport security check for the first time in Korea.

The X-ray security check automatic reading solution is a futuristic aviation security service that can automatically reads, detects, and classifies aircraft-prohibited items by applying accumulated big data and AI in passenger's baggage screening process.

It is anticipated that the airport security will be further strengthened by minimizing the errors made by security check personnel through AI’s reliable performance in detection of goods prohibited in the cabin.

Since November last year, KAC has been cooperating with SUALAB, a domestic AI specialist company, to develop this new technology. In the future, it plans to carry out on-site trials at Gimpo international airport to commercialize it in Korea and advance into overseas airport business.