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Debut of Kakao’s Ride-sharing Service Postponed
Amid Strong Backlash from Taxi Drivers
Debut of Kakao’s Ride-sharing Service Postponed
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 14, 2018, 11:41
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Kakao Mobility has decided to delay the launch of its ride-sharing service Carpool amid taxi drivers' strong backlash.

The debut of Kakao’s ride sharing service Carpool has been postponed from Dec. 17 to next year amid opposition from taxi drivers. Kakao Mobility announced on Dec. 13 that it made the decision to listen to more opinions from taxi drivers and users.

Earlier, Kakao Mobility was planning to launch the ride sharing service on Dec. 17 after a trial run that started on Dec. 7 and allowed carpooling twice a day. However, an increasing number of taxi drivers complained about the service and one of them burned himself to death, and then Kakao Mobility decided on Dec. 13 to reconsider the service.

The service is unlikely to be able to make its debut until taxi drivers’ discontent is pacified through talks with the government and lawmakers. In addition, the service is likely to become available only after measures are prepared for the benefit of taxi drivers such as a cut in their mandatory payment to their employers.

In this regard, the ruling party tabled amendments to the Taxi Act and the Passenger Transport Service Act so that the mandatory payment can be revoked. In addition, the ruling party is going to enable taxi drivers to earn wages corresponding to their actual working hours.