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Galaxy A Series Leads Samsung Electronics' Innovation Efforts
A Differentiation Strategy
Galaxy A Series Leads Samsung Electronics' Innovation Efforts
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 22, 2018, 08:43
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Samsung Electronics has loaded a triple-lens rear camera into the Galaxy A series to differentiate it from the budget phone brands from its competitors.

The budget smartphone Galaxy A of Samsung Electronics is emerging as a model that leads Samsung's innovation in the second half of this year. The company has loaded a triple-lens camera into the Galaxy A prior to the premium Galaxy S and Galaxy Note and will reduce the production costs for the model.

According to foreign news media outlets and smartphone industry sources on October 21, Samsung Electronics is making sales pitches for the recently released budget model in emerging markets.

The Galaxy A7 is the first triple-lens rear camera among the Galaxy models while the Galaxy A9 is the world's first quad-lens rear camera. In particular, Samsung Electronics held a public event for the Galaxy A9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the first time the company did so for a budget smartphone model.

Samsung Electronics loaded the Galaxy A, not the Galaxy S or the Galaxy Note, with a triple-lens rear camera to differentiate it from other budget phones. The company is aiming to differentiate the Galaxy A from other brands in similar price ranges by raising its specifications to as high as those of premium models.

The Korean smartphone giant also considered the risk of applying a triple-lens rear camera directly to a premium line. The expansion of hardware, such as the number of cameras, may lead to a rise in smartphone prices, which may bring negative results. Recently, some experts say that a single-lens or dual-lens camera powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can produce the same effect as three or more lenses.

While the Galaxy A7 and the Galaxy A9 are models with higher performance, it is forecast that the Galaxy A6s will be the first model for which Samsung will seek to cut the production cost. The Galaxy A6, which is known as a model exclusively for the Chinese market is expected to be supplied in the ODM system for the first time among the Galaxy models. The ODM system is a way to request a third party to develop and produce a product. China’s Wintech, which is famous for making Xiaomi smartphones, is being considered as a maker of the Galaxy A6s.