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Samsung SDS Introduces AI-based Platform for Intelligent Factory
AI-based Smart Factory
Samsung SDS Introduces AI-based Platform for Intelligent Factory
  • By Michael Herh
  • August 29, 2018, 11:23
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Hong Won-pyo, CEO of Samsung SDS, introduces the company's strategy for the intelligent factory business to the media on August 28.

Samsung SDS will promote its intelligent factory business with its Nexplant platform based on artificial intelligence (AI). Samsung SDS introduced its intelligent factory business strategy, a case study, and the Nexplant platform to the media on August 28.

The collection of more than dozens of terabytes of data at manufacturing sites is boosting demand for intelligent factory solutions that analyze and forecast data by applying new technologies such as AI analysis, the internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing. Samsung SDS realizes customers’ intelligent factories in four key manufacturing areas such as equipment, process, inspection, materials and logistics with the Nexplant platform with expertise in the manufacturing industry and IT.

The Nexplant platform elevated facility utilization rates such as real-time abnormality detection and forecasting failure time by analyzing large data collected by IoT sensors on facilities with AI and improved process quality 30 percent by optimally controlling and analyzing processes.

In particular, as Samsung SDS’s technology was added to customers’ know-how, the Nexplant platform maximized defect detection rates by applying an AI-based inspection prediction model and improved defect classification accuracy 32 percent by learning defect types through deep learning.

In addition, the Nexplant platform allows material logistics machines such as unmanned material transportation machines to move autonomously after finding out the shortest distances, moving hundreds of thousands of kilometers per day at factories.

The platform forecasts and detects failures in advance by analyzing noises, vibrations, heat, and the location of material logistics devices through AI. By automatically diagnosing and restoring the causes of faults, the platform raises devices’ operation rates.

Samsung SDS plans to support the realization of intelligent factories not only for Samsung Group affiliates but also for customers by further advancing the platform and expand its business area from plant design and construction to plant operation.