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LG CNS Unveils IoT-linked Platform for Smart City
Brain of a Smart City
LG CNS Unveils IoT-linked Platform for Smart City
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 6, 2018, 12:30
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LG CNS introduced the “City Hub,” the first smart platform integrated with the internet of things (IoT), in the local information technology (IT) industry on July 5.
LG CNS has released “City Hub,” an IoT platform that acts as the brain of a smart city.

LG CNS has releaded "City Hub" (tentative name), an IoT-linked platform that can manage a smart city.

City Hub is designed to play the role of a brain for a smart city, a city based on wired infrastructure. It collects data from IoT sensors attached on vehicles, buildings, roads, street lights and other city infrastructure.

City Hub is compatible with most of the IoT devices available so far. It is based on AI that analyzes big data and use them for city administration.

City Hub can be modularized to create a custom platform for each city with necessary functions added to it.

City Hub supports not only the oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things, but also a total of 98 communication standards for industries including logistics, manufacturing and distribution. This means that City Hub has solved the problem of having only to use IoT devices operated by specific manufacturers or service providers. 

Collected data will be handled by the AI big data platform DAP developed by LG CNS. DAP can upgrade urban administration by re-collecting and analyzing data during a service. At the moment, it takes time to collect a customized traffic system after collecting data from urban CCTVs. DAP of LG CNS enables users to predict future traffic immediately by re-collecting and analyzing data during traffic system operation.

All services were modularized. There are modules for a city, energy, safety and the environment, and so on. Local governments can add or subtract functions after ordering functions that they need only.

"City Hub secured technology for smart cities, experience in running smart cities and smart city certification capabilities through the release and certification of the Smart City Integration Platform,” an LG CNS official said. “We will put more efforts into building a smart city that can lead global standards by cooperating with the public sector and government."

LG CNS, in the meantime, received a Smart City Unified Platform certificate, which was organized by the Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA) for the first time as a large company on July 2. Certified companies are allowed to provide their own development platforms to Smart City not the government's integrated platform.