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Lotte Liquor Releases 'Sunhari Blueberry' for Export
A Liquor for Foreign Consumers
Lotte Liquor Releases 'Sunhari Blueberry' for Export
  • By Michael Herh
  • July 5, 2018, 22:58
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Sunhari Blueberry, a liquor from Lotte Liquor developed for foreign consumers  

Lotte Liquor announced on July 5 that it will export Sunhari Blueberry, a new version of Sunhari developed exclusively for export.

Sunhari Blueberry is the second product exclusive for export after Sunhari Strawberry, with an alcohol content of 12 degrees and a capacity of 360 ml.

It will be exported to six overseas countries including China, Vietnam, Canada, and Australia, and will be sold in big shopping malls, supermarket chains, and restaurants.

Lotte Liquor is exporting Sunhari from 2015 aimed at foreign consumers who are not familiar with the alcohol flavor of soju. The company said Sunhari Strawberry, which was released exclusively for export last year, is steadily gaining popularity in Cambodia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

An official from Lotte Liquor said, "80% of buyers are locals, not Koreans. It shows the huge popularity of the product. We will steadily strengthen overseas promotional activities linking Sunhari products.”