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Samsung Electronics Commits to Renewable Energy
100% in US, Europe, China by 2020
Samsung Electronics Commits to Renewable Energy
  • By Michael Herh
  • June 15, 2018, 12:05
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Samsung Electronics plans to install solar panels in parking lots and on rooftops of its plants beginning this year.

Samsung Electronics has decided to install photovoltaic and geothermal power generation facilities at all of its domestic and overseas workplaces.

The IT giant announced a mid- to long-term renewable energy expansion plan on June 14. According to it, the company will install solar power panels in parking lots and on rooftops of its plants in Suwon this year. The same will be done for its plant in Hwaseong next year and for the Pyeongtaek plant in 2020.

"We are responding to the government's plan to increase the share of renewable energy to 20% of the nation’s total electric power consumption by 2030," a Samsung official said.

Samsung Electronics’ workplaces in the United States, Europe and China, where renewable energy infrastructure is well built, will generate renewable energy to cover 100% of their electricity demand.

The company has joined the Business Renewable Center (BRC) and the Renewable Energy Buyers' Principle (REBP), both of which are organizations that support renewable energy use and expansion.

Samsung Electronics explained that by 2020, the aggregate amount of renewable energy used by its worksites around the world would correspond to electricity generated from 3.1-GW photovoltaic power generation facilities. This volume outweighs that of two nuclear power plants in Korea and can satisfy demand for electric power from approximately 115,000 households (four persons in one household) in Korea for one year.