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SK Telecom Forges Global Alliance for HD Maps
New Generation of Maps for Machines
SK Telecom Forges Global Alliance for HD Maps
  • By Yu Kun-ha
  • May 23, 2018, 17:02
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SK Telecom has formed a global alliance to provide high-definition map services. 

SK Telecom has formed a global alliance with leading European, Chinese and Japanese companies to launch world standard high-definition (HD) map services.

The participants in the OneMap Alliance are Korea’s SK Telecom, Europe’s HERE, China’s NavInfo, and Japan’s Pioneer.

HERE is a major ultra-precision map and location service company. It provides navigation services, real-time traffic information and indoor maps to more than 200 countries around the world, including North America and Europe.

NavInfo is a leading Chinese navigation mapping company, while Pioneer is a Japanese automotive electronic device company that provides high-quality map services through its subsidiary.

Under the partnership, the alliance" will produce HD maps for North America, Europe and Asia based on one single standard by 2020. The alliance plans to supply global standard HD maps to autonomous car makers and location-based service companies among others.

HD maps are a new generation of maps designed for machines, including autonomous vehicles. Unlike conventional digital maps, HD maps contain a highly accurate and realistic representation of the road. It offers centimeter-based precision positioning information, sophisticated lane information, information on surrounding objects, guardrails, and traffic lights. Autonomous vehicles find real-time travel routes based on such information.

The four companies of the OneMap Alliance plan to advance into the global HD map market by harnessing the HD map’s high quality and strong versatility. As the HD map from the alliance can be put to good use in most parts of the world, consumers do not need to purchase HD maps for specific countries or regions.

"HD maps constitute the core technology of autonomous vehicles," said Heo Il-kyu, head of SK Telecom's IoT/Data Business Division. “We will offer HD map services after combining the HD map with vehicle control and smart cities among others.”