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‘Samsung Notebook Pen’ Equipped with S Pen and Rotating Touch Screen to Be Launched
Ultra-light, Functional Notebook
‘Samsung Notebook Pen’ Equipped with S Pen and Rotating Touch Screen to Be Launched
  • By Cho Jin-young
  • December 15, 2017, 00:15
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The 2018 'Samsung Notebook Pen.'
The 2018 'Samsung Notebook Pen.'


Samsung Electronics will launch the 2018 model of Samsung Notebook Pen with 'S Pen' on December 22. This product is the successor to the Samsung Notebook Pen that Samsung Electronics introduced last July. The new product features the same S Pen used with the Galaxy Note Series of smartphones, and a 360-degree rotating touch display.

The 2018 Samsung Notebook Pen was upgraded to an ultra light design that does not exceed 1kg by applying the same magnesium material as the Samsung Notebook 9 Always (2017) which became a hit model.

With S Pen with a fine 0.7mm tip that supports 4,996 levels of pressure, you can naturally and elaborately work on paper as if you wrote on real paper or painted on a real sketchbook.

Like the Galaxy Note Series, this laptop supports 'Sense Select' to create a new note by selecting a desired area by pressing S Pen’s side button with the pen on the display, and 'Write After Capture' to write after a screen capture. The touch screen display is rotated 360 degrees so the notebook can be used like a tablet.

In addition, this product is loaded with the latest Intel 8th generation processor, 'Voice Note' to find and listen to checked parts of voice recordings, 'Window Hello' to log in with face or fingerprint recognition, and a Samsung Real View display among others.

The laptop will come in only one color -- light titan. The NT930QAA-K716 model and the NT250QAA-X716 model, both of which have the highest specifications among their product group are priced at 2.38 million (US$2,140)and 2.66 million won (US$2,390), respectively.

Samsung Electronics will also launch 'Samsung Notebook 9 Always,' a new ultra-lightweight and ultra-slim notebook on the same day. This model can run for 19.5 hours based on the MM14 (MobileMark 14) test, a rigorous test in a real usage environment. In particular, its Quick Charge function enables the laptop to run for 2.1 hours after a 10-minute charge. A 20-minute charge empowers people to use the laptop for 4.4 hours.

'Samsung Notebook 9 Always' will come in two colors -- light titan and crush white. The NT700X3T-K58L and NT900X5T-K58L models are priced at 1.84 million won (US$1,650) and 1.94 million won (US$1,740), respectively and the NT900X5T-K58L model with an external graphic card at 2.24 million won (US$2,010).