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K-CON Japan Attracts More than 40,000 Audiences
Hallyu in Japan
K-CON Japan Attracts More than 40,000 Audiences
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • May 22, 2017, 03:30
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An aerial view of the K-Con 2017 Japan concert
An aerial view of the K-Con 2017 Japan concert



CJ E&M announced on May 21 that 48,500 audiences came to the K-CON 2017 Japan held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture for three days from the 19th. The company has held K-CON concert in Japan every year from 2015. The K-CON 2017 Japan was held for three days, a day longer than usual. The concert was also held three times this year compared to two times last year.

Unlike the past, a large number of young Hallyu (Korean wave) fans in their 10s and 20s participated in the K-CON 2017 Japan, showing the Hallyu sustainability in Japan. Participants tasted Korean foods and learned Korean makeup trends. They also enjoyed Korean traditional costume “Hanbok” fashion show and watched the K-pop concert.

At the K-CON, there were also programs for teenage participants who are familiar with the digital. The red carpet events of artists were broadcast live on the M2 Facebook at 5:30pm every day for free as well as backstage scenes of participating artists. In addition, 20 YouTube creators who are popular in South Korea and Japan took part in the convention programs.

Shin Hyung-kwan, head of the music content division at CJ E&M, said, “Now, Hallyu is spreading from Korean music and drama to lifestyle such as food and fashion. CJ E&M will continuously hold the K-CON to help participants to experience K-lifestyle overall and to strengthen the competitiveness of K-lifestyle so that South Korean culture can jump into the mainstream culture of the world.”

Meanwhile, CJ E&M will host the K-CON in New York from June 23 to 24, in L.A. for three days from August 18 to 20 and in Australia in September, following in Mexico in March and in Japan in May.