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Coupang’s ‘Rocket Jikgu’ Delivers Products within 3 Days
Cross-border Delivery
Coupang’s ‘Rocket Jikgu’ Delivers Products within 3 Days
  • By Lee Song-hoon
  • May 2, 2017, 06:15
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Coupang’s Rocket Jikgu Service.
Coupang’s Rocket Jikgu Service.


Coupang announced on April 24 that it launched the “Rocket Jikgu” Service that will ship within three days if you order overseas products. Rocket Jikgu is the new name of Coupang’s cross-border shopping service.

Coupang is supplying more than 80,000 carefully selected overseas products through the Rocket Jikgu Service at reasonable prices. The service covers snacks, candies, beverages, chips and cereals among others of more than 3,500 global brands including Simply Organic, Method Method, Cheerios, Gerber Gerber, Now Foods, Ghirardelli and Earth Mama.

The Rocket Jikgu Service supports a variety of payment methods such as one-touch simple payment 'Rocket Pay', credit cards, check cards, mobile phone-based payment, and online bank transfers based on virtual accounts. If you purchase products amounting to 29,800 won or more, you can enjoy a free shipping service.

After ordering at the Rocket Jikgu Service corner on the shopping website, you can check the whole process from product preparation, customs clearance and arrival at the Coupang website and mobile application in real time.

"Coupang has been constantly thinking about what overseas products customers want and how to buy overseas brands faster and more conveniently," said Navid Veiseh, Senior vice president of Coupang. “We launch popular new global brands every day with overseas sellers."