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Anyractive to Try Crowdfunding at Kickstarter with Interactive Kickboard ‘GoTouch’
Launching Crowdfunding in US
Anyractive to Try Crowdfunding at Kickstarter with Interactive Kickboard ‘GoTouch’
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 28, 2017, 09:30
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Anyractive’s interactive electronic blackboard 'GoTouch.'
Anyractive’s interactive electronic blackboard 'GoTouch.'


Anyractive ( announced that the company will launch crowdfunding at Kickstarter in the US with interactive electronic blackboard 'GoTouch'.

Its interactive electronic blackboard is a solution that can turn TVs, beam projectors, monitors among others into electronic blackboards and enable people to visually communicate with one another all over the world by connecting it to the internet.

GoTouch which consists of an electronic pen, a sensor and an app, recognizes the position of the nib of an electronic pen that emits infrared rays, and transmits the input signal to connected PCs or smartphones. Thus, GoTouch creates an environment where users feel as if they were using touch screens. 

This innovative solution can be used as a large-scale interaction controller for presentations or collaboration that utilizes mobile tablets, the iPad, pico projectors and more, Anyractive said.

Anyractive's GoTouch received a Good Design certificate from the Korea Institute of Design Promotion in October of last year and obtained a BIG (Best Innovation Good) mark from the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center in April in 2016.

"We will try crowdfunding at Kickstarter for various purposes such as figuring out the marketability of the product and major customer groups, publicizing and funding and product globalization as the product has drawn much attention from various Korean and foreign companies and schools,” said Lim Sung-hyun, CEO of Anyractive. "GoTouch will enable people who need an electronic board such as teachers, workers, students, professors, parents, presenters, salespeople to conveniently use electronic blackboards regardless of time and places."