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EYL Develops New-Concept Innovative USB Storage Device 'TriGen'
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EYL Develops New-Concept Innovative USB Storage Device 'TriGen'
  • By Michael Herh
  • April 22, 2017, 07:30
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TriGen, a new concept security USB device with a built-in ultra-small quantum number generator.
TriGen, a new concept security USB device with a built-in ultra-small quantum number generator.


TriGen developed by EYL ( is a safe and secure USB storage device. The device is based on a user’s real name. An authorized user registers his or her real name, telephone number, and e-mail ID in TriGen. A consumer can use TriGen by going through the process of self-certification using mobile phone texts and apps. When a user authenticates himself via his mobile phone after inserting TriGen into a PC, he will be able to see files stored inside the device. TriGen works in an internet-connected environment only.

A user can give information to others after storing it in TriGen. Authorized user A registers partner B’ information in TriGen. B plugs the device into a PC and authenticates himself via a smartphone app. The content is sent via e-mail. The device can be used only if both A and B authenticate themselves at the same time.

When you leave TriGen on your PC and leave your office, you can remotely lock it via your smartphone app. Internal contents cannot be revealed even if you lose TriGen. Stored data in the USB device are activated only after authentication.

A security manager monitors the use of TriGen inside his company. He manages important data at a glance. He monitors the copying, modification, and deletion of files from the time TriGen gets put into the PC. He can check a process to distribute a file by specifying the file as a specially managed file. TriGen comes in handy when sending affiliates or partner companies data such as product drawings or drawings of power plants’ key facilities.

EYL put its proprietary ultra-small quantum random number generator into TriGen. During the operation of TriGen, the device authenticates numbers using a management server and quantum random numbers at an interval of three seconds. Its use is restricted when the internet service is cut off or an authentication error occurs.

"EYL provides cloud server services for small businesses. At large companies, the security department manages TriGen with their own monitoring servers for the USB device," said Baek Jung-hyun, managing director of EYL. "Our new-concept security USB storage device enhances the security and management of confidential corporate data."