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Serious Defect Found in Renault Samsung’s QM6
Serious Deficiencies
Serious Defect Found in Renault Samsung’s QM6
  • By Michael Herh
  • January 4, 2017, 02:45
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Renault Samsung Motor’s medium-sized SUV 'QM6.'
Renault Samsung Motor’s medium-sized SUV 'QM6.'


It was found that Renault Samsung Motor’s sport utility vehicle (SUV) QM6 cars were frequently running, veering towards the right side.

The Renault Samsung SUV QM6 launched in September last year, has been reported to run, veering right regardless of steering wheel operation, which can have a significant impact on winter driving safety. Moreover, if a car body is pushed to one side on a snow-covered road, the braking force of the car will be lowered, which may ignite a traffic accident.

A resident of Gyeonggi Province almost triggered an accident while driving a Renault Samsung QM6 model on the first lane of the expressway last November. He did not operate the steering wheel, but the vehicle moved to the right little by little. Finally his car crossed the line to the second lane. He said that he had to hold the steering wheel tightly until he arrived at his destination due to anxiety about the car.

“I have 20 years’ experience of driving. I was driving forward, but the car gradually veered right,” he said. “Thereafter, I felt that unless I turned the steering wheel left by force, the car would veer left.

On the other hand, according to a Korean media outlet on December 14, there were 21 cases of the replacement of parts of QM6 cars’ steering systems or inquiries about repairing such systems at 10 official auto repair shops for Renault Samsung.

Experts point out that if a car veers as wheel alignment or steering wheels are out of order or its central axis is not normal, it will be impossible to correct the problems by repair and maintenance services. There are currently about 90 messages in which QM6 drivers said that they had their QM6 cars checked due to right veering phenomena on the official homepage of the Renault Samsung QM6 Owner Club.